Jul. 31st, 2010 08:47 pm
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I've been watching a lot of television lately, since I have lots of me-time on my hands. I've tried out a number of new shows that have been recommended to me, or I've stumbled upon myself. My quick reviews:

I've watched season 1 and am completely hooked! It's like a mix between Veronica Mars and Buffy and James Bond. It's a great show with an engaging plot, and wonderfully complex characters. Not to mention attractive! Mmhmm... :P

Another show that hooked me right away. I'm 3/4 through the first season and enjoying it quite a lot. It's teen-oriented, so sometimes I don't relate to the plots, but I love the idea and overall show. It has great actors and actresses, and the love story is compelling. I find it adorable, and let's be honest, who doesn't love Max Evans?

I only watched the first episode, on a suggestion based on the fact that I like Bones and Criminal Minds, etc. Well this show is a little different, focusing on a serial killer. I have not yet found him sympathetic, but I find him intriguing. Anyone watched? Should I keep going for a few episodes?

Little Britain
OMG hilarious! Seriously, I've been laughing out loud. And Anthony Head as PM? How can I go wrong? It's a very funny show, and they've already made Star Trek references. Fun, and thoroughly British.

Robin Hood
This has long been on my Netflix queue and I am quite excited that I finally watched an episode! Mmm Robin is quite delicious, he's very cute and quite the hero. I'm in the mood for a completely-good hero, they're so rare in television now. It's refreshing, and yay!accents. :D

Another lovely British program with a fun cast and good hero-complexes. I am currently watching the first episode, and oooh was I excited that the FIRST words spoken in the show were spoken by ASH! Even though so far he's kind of a jerk...oh well. Arthur's a jerk too! And he's so loveable in "Camelot"! Oh, where oh were is Richard Burton when you need him? (actually just a Netflix click away) I'm enjoying the show so far, and I'm sure I'll keep watching - for ASH if nothing else. Yum.

Big Bang Theory
I am in LOVE with this show, it is my new drug of choice. I laugh so much out loud (when I'm alone - wow!) every single episode! It's so hilarious, witty, geeky, I love love love it! They make Star Trek references just about every episode, and I'll admit after I watched the one where Penny got hooked on the online RPG, I had to play Guild Wars for like 3 hours. Fun! :P Oh, and I'm only partly through season 2, so no spoilers, please!

Now I need suggestions for what to choose next from my queue. Some programs on the list:
- thirtysomething (why not, eh?)
- Lois and Clark (haven't seen it in years)
- Amazing Stories (Spielberg's answer to the Twilight Zone)
- Friday Night Lights (I'm not a football person, but have gotten 2 recommendations now...)
- Hotel Babylon (another British series)
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